Arcade Roguelike
Arcade Roguelike is the first playable play to earn mode in the Blood Holders metaverse.
In this game you will choose one of the 6 available characters and you will start a game with your initial weapon. In this game you will have to survive as long as possible while you advance through different rooms killing zombies. As you complete rooms, the zombies will be more numerous and then mutants will start appearing, but at the same time you will have more possibilities to get upgrades that will help you survive.
Thanks to the procedural system of rooms each game will be different from the previous one, finding different weapons, upgrades or bosses in each one.
  • Rewards:
The reward system of our Roguelike Arcade is based on daily missions. Every day players will be rewarded with $BLOOD for completing these missions.
If you own one of the shelters capable of housing other Holders you will be able to benefit from the Scholarship System.
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